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Leading Edge Technology

Copper Powder

Nickel Powder

Vanadium Pentoxide

The philosophy and "X" factor behind the innovative design and development of this unique, leading edge technology, has been to recover high-value heavy metals from complementary waste materials and then produce a range of sought-after metal powders.

Copper powders can be produced in ultrafine and nano specifications. 


This vision has been achieved with three significant outcomes:


  • environmental responsibility by recycling discarded waste materials

  • transforming this waste into competitively priced raw materials

  • producing from these new raw materials high-value end products


Three extraction processes have been developed to industrial scale with each capable of generating consistent commercial production outputs and certified by extensive independent analytical testing of the finished products, thus validating the innovative technology.


These signature processes are for the ultimate production of  

Copper Powder, Nickel Powder and Vanadium Pentoxide.


Product and Process Technology validation has been undertaken in concert with two of New Zealand's leading univeristies:

  • Auckland and Waikato Universities
    Science and Engineering Departments
    have conducted comprehensive assays on powder samples produced by the new technology that in turn has provided MXC with a suite of qualified analytical certifications for this series of high quality and high specification products.


  • In addition to the above validations, SGS,
    the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has conducted multiple assays on powder samples produced by the new technology with consistent results that confirm the product specifications reported by the universities.


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