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Metal Xtractions Corporation Limited

The Company Governance & Executives

Metal Xtractions Corporation ("MXC") was formed in 2015

and is a partnership between the principal stakeholders

Jafar Davari and David Hall.


The combined experience of the executive directors and shareholders is extensive, with highly complementary technical and business skills to promote and drive the commercialisation of the extraction process technology which is the company's prime asset.

Jafar Davari

Executive Director & Co-Founder

A master of chemical engineering (M.ChE) with international research and development experience gained working for major corporations and governments on special projects, provided a robust career path where Jafar was able to express his interest and talents in process technology design.

Today his knowledge and practical application has led to the completion of several leading edge metal based technologies that focus on the recovery of valuable metals from waste materials and the production of high-specification, high value, sought-after industrial products.


Development of these "intelligent technologies"has taken place over

the past decade and in the course of this work, Jafar's R&D company was in 2012 rated the #1 environmentally conscious business in New Zealand.

This acclaimed technology is the catalyst for a suite of eco technologies that MXC will offer internationally for acquisition.

David Hall

Executive Director & Co-Founder

With a background in commerce and a period consulting in contract law, David spent the early years of his career in senior management positions with international brand corporations including General Foods, Coca Cola USA and Schweppes UK where production and process engineering became a focus.

In recent years David has channelled his experience and investment exclusively into his privately owned enterprises. One of these is an international business that has direct parallels with the commercial dynamics and process engineering technologies as those now being produced and promoted by MXC.

Rod MacKenzie

Executive Consultant

Formerly with NZ Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), Rod was Group General Manager for North Asia with responsibility for Japan, Korea and the greater China region.

Before the creation fo NZTE in 2003, he was the acting 
Chief Executive of Trade NZ and earlier, the Regional Director for North America.

Given his vast Government and private business experience in Asia and, in particular, China, Rod co-directs the international commercial initiatives of MXC.

Qiang Yang

Chief of China Operations

Qiang graduated with a Masters Degree from Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and quickly established an impressive career path in senior management positions with leading international corporations. Qiang was appointed in 2018 as MXC's Chief of Operations to coordinate and communicate with MXC's technology and commercial interests in China. 

In short, the Company MXC has, together with its stakeholders, robust science, process technology, and global business  governance experience to its credit.

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