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Ultrafine Copper Powder

Ultrafine Copper Powder is MXC's signature product as an example of the high quality and production flexibility that the technology can deliver.
The product specification for this high-end commodity has been formally validated by
the New Zealand Universities of Auckland and Waikato and worldwide SGS.
As reported, the key elements that set this product apart from general use copper powders are:
  • Purity (Guaranteed 99.90)
  • Particle Shape (Spherical)
  • Particle Size (1µm - 10µm)
  • Density (2.8-2.9gram/cm3)
  • Oxidation Retardant (IP)

The quality parameters of this product are   of the highest integrity as measured and verified by stringent third-party international analytical procedures, methods, standards, and reporting protocols.


The raw materials for this signature copper product are of New Zealand and Australian origin. 

 M E T A L X T R A C T I O N S 

Copper Powder Specification


  • Purity Copper(Cu) Metal                  99.90 ± 0.1%

  • Particle Shape                                  Spherical

  • Electric & Heat                                Conductive

  • Colour                                             Sienna/Red Earth

  • Particle Size                                     1 µm – 10 µm

  • Apparent Density                            2.8 – 2.9 gram/cm3

  • Oxidation Retardant                        Long life IP Protection


Routine Sample Analysis*


                 ELEMENT                       WEIGHT %

                   Copper                                   ± 0.1 99.900

                    Aluminium                              0.013 

                    Silicon                                     0.031

                    Phosphorus                             0.037 

                    Sulphur                                   0.002

                    Chlorine                                  0.018

                    Calcium                                   0.012
Chromium                               0.002
Iron                                         0.006
Nickel                                      0.009

*This specification reflects the analytical results confirmed by  SGS New Zealand and the Universities of Auckland & Waikato

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