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 Acquisition By Tender


Tender Conditions


MXC has available 20MT* of Ultrafine Copper Powder
produced during the latter stages of the process technology production scale-up and validation trials.

*Product Pack: 10kg sealed multi-layer plastic, aluminium foil bag, nitrogen capped.

This high-specification* product has been certified by SGS New Zeland, and is packed ready for shipping.
(*Click> Copper Powder for Specification)


Expressions of interest are invited to purchase this product: (Click > Contact to submit a Tender)


The Sale & Purchase process is as follows:

  • Tenders to be sent by email to MXC

  • Decsions on successful Tenders are at the sole discretion of MXC

  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit ("ILOC") produced by MXC

  • ILOC becomes unconditional upon receipt and
    confirmation of product integrity certification issued   by SGS New Zealand

  • Shipping Free On Boad ("FOB") 


Note: Tender remains open until 30 September 2020 

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